Sunday, April 29, 2007

SF-Most Holy Redeemer AGAIN!

Well it went over the airwaves. Now we can hear what actually took place:TRANSCRIPT - 'PRAYER SERVICE'
This from LifeSite news-San Francisco Archdiocese on BBC "Gay Mass": It was not a Mass and We Didn't Endorse it. On Alison's website he does state that it was a prayer service-see Forthcoming events- 29 April and in the MHR Bulletin online.

Maurice Healy, Communications Director for the Archdiocese, however, was adamant that what will be broadcast is neither a Mass nor endorsed by the Archdiocese.

Healy told, "The event was not, repeat not a 'gay mass' it was a prayer service organized by Jesuit father Donal Godfrey."

Healy said, "I'm told that he organized it. It was not an archdiocesan function and the
archdiocese was not aware of the BBC broadcast."

I knew about this earlier last week and was waiting to find out the time(U.S.) to listen to the program. I also wondered when someone would write an article about the event.

Found it-The worst part "The service was recorded in October and will be broadcast at 8:10am GMT (3:10 AM CENT) on Sunday on BBC Radio 4."

Since it was recorded back in October that would be around the same time that the SPI's were planning their "Bingo" games too.I'm not sure that you should call it a gay Mass.

It's not, but it's a huge prep rally endorsing the behavior and not condemning the sin. We can LOVE the sinner but NOT the sin!

Where was the pastor-Father Stephen Meriweather? hmmm?

"Fr. Donal Godfrey SJ of the University of San Francisco presides with James Alison preaching". I can't seem to verify his credentials...many places say that he is a theologian, priest, and of course author and speaker.

One place mentions that he 'spent time with the Dominicans--what would that mean? Does he have faculties?So what does 'preside' mean and 'preaching' mean if it was just a 'prayer service'?

And if it was a prayer service why was this distributed: "The 50-minute Mass at the Most Holy Redeemer Catholic Church in the predominantly gay Castro district of the city will feature prayers and readings tailored for the gay community."

Where would they get that time? Although, they could have gotten that from the BBC as the length/time of the radio program.But a 'veil tip' to Spirit Daily for the news item-BBC to broadcast gay mass from San Francisco

More on the situation:BBC defends broadcast of gay Mass

Of course he's (CD-Wrath and the gay question: on not being afraid, and its ecclesial shape) a favorite among the Sisters of Mercy-Mount St. Agnes Theological Center for Women in Baltimore, Maryland....don't even get me started again!

Here's the talk on his site:Wrath and the gay question: on not being afraid, and its ecclesial shapeAnd apparently he visited MHR-SF last year in Feb. 2006:Is it ethical to be Catholic? – Queer perspectivesA short documentaryAudio-Video

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