Friday, October 26, 2007

Good Read from Sandro Magister

Before the Last Conclave: "What I Told the Future Pope"

My fav. from Cardinal Biffi's book on their time in the conclave and his comments to the soon to be elected pope:

"1. After hearing all of the statements - correct, opportune, impassioned - that have been made here, I would like to express to the future pope (who is listening to me now) my complete solidarity, concord, understanding, and even a bit of my fraternal compassion. But I would also like to suggest to him that he not be too worried about what he has heard here, and that he not be too frightened. The Lord Jesus will not ask him to resolve all the world's problems. He will ask him to love him with extraordinary love: 'Do you love me more than these?' (cf. John 21:15).

I don't know if this book is available stateside tho... = (

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