Thursday, October 25, 2007


Jerome Corsi on Glenn Beck (Video) Glenn Beck

North American Union? No chance, says US ambassador
Does this sound weird to you?

There's an effort to try to get North America more prosperous to continue in the global economy, and maybe be prepared to deal with cross-border emergencies so if something happened at this bridge or the Ambassador Bridge it wouldn't shut the border down. Or with an avian flu epidemic, we could help each other out. Or make more compatible our regulations so we don't bog each other down with red tape."

Something's not right....why isn't that an issue for our Defense Departments or our Homeland Security? Something's REALLY wrong with these statement!

More news on NAU:

John Wallace- Position Paper on NAFTA and the North American Union

( "Building a North American Community")

"The most important feature of the SPP is that it does not require congressional ratification or the passage of any federal legislation by the congress of the United States . This design places the negotiation fully within the authority of the executive branch in the United States . How else would Mexican truckers be able to begin operating in the USA over the objections of Congress, American truckers and most of the American people?"


Amero plot real, says biz columnist

Analysis- Potential plot to form a North American Union mandates a federal investigation

The Amero, The Bubble, and More (interesting analysis)

Fox in the American Henhouse, and the Second Mexican Revolution

Is a 'North American Union' in the future? Mexico, U.S. deny plan for any EU-like merger

In our view: Regional currency

Canadian/American Business Mergers Boost 'North American Union?'

Oct. 15 issue of The New American magazine (FREE DOWNLOAD pdf.file)

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