Monday, April 21, 2008

North American Leaders' Summit - "Security and Prosperity Partnership" - News

Trade the talk of summit, but controversy looms
"The North American relationship works; we believe it works well for all three countries, but we also believe we can make it work better."

Congress Tells Bush: 'Stop the Closed-Door Diplomacy and Allow Legislative Oversight'

The new Constitution of America's Union

North American Union: It's the real deal

Bush seeks to cement legacy of ties with Canada, Mexico

Bush, Harper, Calderon to Defend Trade Amid Backlash in U.S.

Makeover urged for 'North American Union' effort - renaming SPP - "North American Standards and Regulatory Area" or NASRA

The White House has changed the name of the meeting from the "Fourth SPP Annual Summit" to simply the "North American Leaders'

Three Amigos summit begins today in New Orleans

Mexican Consulate opens Monday

Major border crossing on agenda

Meeting held earlier:
Inside the hush-hush North American Union confab
"The agenda for the Advisory Committee on International Economic Policy,(ACIEP) meeting was not published, and State Department officials in attendance could not give WND permission under Chatham House rules to publish the agenda". "No members of Congress attended the meeting."

The Secret Life of SPP

Inside the Advisory Committee on International Economic Policy

North American Union: Conspiracy or Coverup?

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