Monday, December 15, 2008

Tony & Cherie Blair News

Blair explains Catholicism move

Tony Blair was a 'secret Catholic,' former aide says

Globalization Needs 'Values' to Succeed, Says Blair

Blair had fears about becoming Catholic

Blair feared 'palaver' over Catholicism conversion

Tony Blair and Belinda Stronach Join to Support Faiths Act Fellowship

Tony Blair Organizing World's Faiths to Stomp for Abortion Via UN Millenium Development Goals

Cherie Blair Denies Pro-Abortion Label at Angelicum Lecture

Cherie Blair defends pro-life credentials

'I don't have horns and a tail,' Cherie Blair tells Vatican college audience

"'I have been a practicing Catholic all my life and it would be rather strange if I didn't adhere to the teachings of the Church."


Then in a clear reference to her own views Mrs Blair added:'I am on the record as having had difficulties with accepting the current teaching of responsible parenthood.'

Mrs Blair also surprised Vatican observers by calling for more women in the Church and said:'There is no reason why half of all Curia (governing body of the Catholic Church) posts should not be filled by women.

'It seems an impossible dream.'

'She made it clear in her speech that she has problems with the Church's position on contraception and she recognised that and said that debate was needed.'

What is the difference between dissent and reasonable debate?

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