Friday, December 19, 2008

Will Smith's Newest Movie - "Seven Pounds" - A Review

Will Smith: Suicide, Career And Otherwise
""Seven Pounds" is just gruesome, a horrid misfire by a well intentioned actor who will definitely be able to bounce back. I hope."

Me Christmas too. (Movie tickets, in my neck of the woods, are too expensive for my budget anyway - $9.25 each - a pretty expensive night out with hubby)

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  1. i think that it is horrible that will smith is a person who so many young people look up to. why would he make a movie glamorizing sucide. i have had 4 people in my life end there life this way and believe me there is nothing noble about it. i saw the movie with my daughter she enjoyed it but it made me sick. im hoping my 15 year old son will not see it but since he is such a fan he might still. will smith you are not god and shame on you for this movie