Thursday, June 10, 2010

Controversy Errupts: Building a Mosque on Staten Island, NY - Re-do a Catholic Convent

St. Margaret Mary R.C. Church-Staten Island, NY to be converted/sold

Proposed Midland Beach mosque controversy: 2 sides remain worlds apart
"The crowd expressed fury at the failure of any Archdiocese of New York representatives to attend the meeting, and toward Rev. Keith Fennessy, the parish pastor, who stepped down recently as the controversy grew."

Archbishop Dolan's Blog- Welcoming the Outsider

Archdiocese will not send representative to Midland Beach 'mosque' meeting

NY Neighborhoods Oppose New MAS Mosques

'Mosque' meeting shut down after audience member's outburst

Catholic author and blogger - Patrick Madrid's post

Be not afraid of Muslim convent buyers, Archdiocese tells concerned Midland Beach residents

Article & Video

NY Neighborhoods Oppose New MAS Mosques

Staten Island priest quits parish after selling empty convent to radical Muslim group

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