Tuesday, June 08, 2010

"National Security Strategy"

'Doc. Drop' in the last days of May before Memorial Day Weekend

"National Security Strategy" - pdf (60 pgs)- NOTE 1ST PARAGRAPH-

in President Obama's 'Letter'- '1st pg. of the doc.

Interesting items throughout the document....this one for starters.....(my eyes are soooo sore....I can't read much further)
"This modernization of institutions, strengthening of international norms, and enforcement of international law is not a task for the United States alone—but together with like-minded nations, it is a task we can lead."
Media Item:
Obama manifesto outlines tough, nuanced approach to security

See Wikipedia for info on "National Security Strategy" - no use of the word-'terrorism'

"The drafters of the new Strategy made a conscious decision to remove terms such as "Islamic radicalism", instead speaking of terrorism generally."

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