Monday, December 13, 2004

The Bible tells me so
Religion in the Heartland is more complex than those of us in the blue states sometimes think

And...again...hate the sin love the sinner!
"Increasingly, churches are consulting scholars, parsing Hebrew and Greek terminology, sponsoring in-depth discussion forums and commissioning research to examine exactly what the Bible says, and what passages written thousands of years ago when concubines were the norm, mean for 2005."

WHAT? Again where in the BIBLE does it say that this behavior is acceptable?

And stay with this article---it gets really out THERE & quite long--according to this writer Vicki Haddock --Sodom and Gomorrah's fate was due to the fact that GOD was destroying the cities for their actions in particular -"gang rapes"-"In context, the tale doesn't read as an indictment of consensual gay sex -- it's a sickening denouncement of gang rape." Again what are these people doing to the Bible and our Churches?

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