Sunday, December 12, 2004

'UK church faces life underground'
Top cleric sees implosion, persecution coming

Well if we are take our cues from this piece of information --who is next? I think the persecution has already begun. I have experienced it first hand among my own family members who have taken humanism to be their own belief system. It doesn't take long before you realize that most of our culture have embraced this thinking. "I don't need to go to confession...I just speak to him right here" or "Why should I say anything about my son's living arrangements? It's his life anyway". We haven't even begun to quite see and understand the effects of this "cancer". We have just scratched the surface.

The impending death of Christmas?
Rev. Jerry Falwell on Christmas: "Other similar religious-freedom legal groups are actively working to protect Americans' rights to express their faith. The task is daunting because leftist organizations are aggressively attempting to redefine America in their own Godless image. They seek a national mandate."

What happened to this Christmas tree? See the video. I don't understand what they are saying but in this case, pictures and reactions speak a thousand words.

Now that this group The Council for Secular Humanism has taken a stance against Christian beliefs. Look here: "Dangerous Reading"!? Look here: What Do We Do Now that the Sexual Revolution is Over? Here: HUMANISM AND ITS ASPIRATIONS

Here's a good fighter of humanism and I hope he becomes a great saint Archbishop Fulton Sheen. See this site for an update on his cause for sainthood-"Pressing Sainthood for a Beloved Archbishop"

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