Thursday, December 16, 2004

Where do those nuns go when they retire? And do they really retire? I always imagined them sitting in big halls together working on altar linens-repairing them or making them. And by the way where ARE THE YOUNGER nuns? Why aren't they taking care of their own? Where's the social justice in this situation? Aren't the younger nuns required to care for those that aren't able to care for themselves? Hmmm! This doesn't make sense. Let me get this straight--the younger nuns in the order go around the world protesting wars, teaching & practicing "new age" techniques & beliefs-like enneagrams & yoga while the older nuns watch from the sidelines? This makes sense? I don't think so. These Benedictines don't look like they are too worried about the older nuns in their order. They're busy making schedules for Yoga, massage therapy, and Centering prayer. WOW! Those poor older nuns what they have to put up with. What happened to sacrifice? So very sad. I pray for those older retired nuns, how they must be so discouraged. And to think that the older nuns were my teachers in the local Catholic High School. I'll continue to pray for all of you.

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