Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Politics and communion --- Accept the church's teachings or move on. This is getting old and I know that it's not going away.
"When I first heard that some Catholic bishops were denying communion to select politicians, I was dismayed. This policy represents a break from long-standing church tradition, which left decisions about fitness to receive communion up to the individual in almost all cases.
When I read about Bishop Baker’s statement, I was horrified. Suddenly the issue was, if not on my doorstep, on the doorstep of my loved ones and my childhood."

This is humanism at it's finest. I am in charge of my own reception of the Eucharist and of my own sins. So very sad.

"The trend toward denying communion to abortion-rights advocates may have grown out of a meeting between President Bush and Cardinal Angelo Sodano last summer. The president, an anti-abortion Methodist, asked for Vatican support in defeating his political adversaries. The wave of election-year pronouncements looked suspiciously like the Catholic church’s response to Bush’s request."

Hmmm..."they" spend so much time trying to figure out how Bush won and how he was able to capture so many votes.

"And we who are horrified can only wonder, should we stay?"-- hhhhhmmmm?

"Should we walk out and slam the door when we hear these words, as Yvonne did? Should we slam the door forever, as she has seriously contemplated? Or should we, indeed, sit in our pews — not because we feel divided from Christ but because we feel divided from those who use his body as a weapon?
Yvonne and I compared notes, impulses and anger. We talked about whether other religions might be more welcoming, but we’ve stuck around this long because no other faith will do. And after my own personal examination of conscience, I went up for communion in the diocese of Charleston."

"Every time we receive communion, we share it with many wonderful people and some awful ones. But we should not judge them, even when they are bishops. We should stick around for the same reason we have stuck around after every other church scandal — not out of loyalty or obedience to bishops, but because we believe we are the body of Christ."

I think that you should consider the fact that you were poorly catechized and you should seek the true teachings of the church and then you can make a decision. Tho most of what you have learned thus far isn't quite all your fault.....where are the teachers now?

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