Saturday, December 11, 2004

Moving along the same "patterns" here. Look at these facts and figures for 2020. These figures pertain to "the Church"--and are reported in the Los Angeles archdiocese "The Tidings Online" -"Given so many parish closings, where are parishes headed?". Very interesting read and very telling. Hmm predictions!? Really. I would like to make a prediction too-- Mr. Dean R. Hoge will be wrong! I can see a bit of information being used to perpetuate a "plan", a well "formulated" plan.

Come Holy Spirit COME!
Father Frank Kelley has got it right. To the question of how will united churches/parishes work out? What happened to people becoming adults and adjusting to the situation? What happened to teaching that we are ONE HOLY CATHOLIC APOSTOLIC CHURCH!? I can never understand how WE create the divisions within our OWN parishes. The CCD children are separated from the parish elementary school children, mind you not on "purpose". We do it when we plan parish events. It just happens. I know that it does, but why can't we make a conserted effort to pull it together. Just like when mom and dad said we were going to play a game--we all played together! We didn't exclude anyone we brought all to the game. It's very easy if we remain humble children of GOD.

Our main goal as Catholics is to unite and propagate our faith in and outside of our parish communities. First it requires a truly holy Priest that is committed to his vocation to assist his flock in carrying out Christ's mission for HIS church and HIS sheep. It can be done. And secondly it requires US to step up to our Baptismal vows and live them out using those gifts that have been bestowed upon us by the Holy Spirit in the sacrament of Confirmation. Everything is "doable" when we have GOD ON YOUR SIDE!

Our prayers continue for all bishops, priests, and vocations. LORD send us holy and faithful shepherds.

Republicans Outbreed Us, Democrats Fret
It's a good thing! I love the fact that we are still multiplying and filling up those "red states"! Who will be left in the Democratic Party, say in 2012? Will they become "extinct"?

Following the news items about the destruction of nativities across our "fruited plain", this one will surely enlighten you and brighten your Christmas spirit. Symbols and traditions of Christmas

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