Wednesday, December 08, 2004

The Crux of the problem answered by JPII this week

Here's the crux of the PROBLEM with in the Catholic Church---poor catechesis!!! EXACTLY!The question remains will the "American" Catholic Bishops listen?Poor catechesis is why we have a culture of sin and of death. When was the last time you heard from your local parish pastor the effects of sin? When did you hear an explanation of the Mass? When did you hear about the lives of the saints? Of their example? When was the last time that you were told to KNOW, LOVE, AND SERVE OUR LORD? That this is the the reason for your existence?Our Holy Father has continually shown the way to our Bishops--American Bishops--are they listening?Tell me does this group Mount St. Agnes Theological Center for Women catechize? -Scroll down the page to "Litany"-goddess worship? This isn't even CHRISTIAN. Are they in line with the Church's teachings? These ladies are allowed to continue to indoctrinate--"catechize" those they reach through their group, their "retreats"through Adult Ed. Programs throughout the country, and through their website. Where is Cardinal Keeler of Baltimore? Where is Bishop David E. Foley -B'ham? They both are quite familiar with these MSA women and these ladies are allowed to continue to operate "their catechesis".

Where is the Archbishop Oscar Lipscomb -Mobile? Spring Hill Catholic College's-Theology Library website is full of dissenting information for the entire world to view and link to. "Who's to be Ordained?" . This website is "linked" (see Theology Library USA at site-scroll down) and recommended throughout the world--by groups (International Movement We Are Church: Links to related organizations) that openly dissent the Catholic Church and it's teachings---they blatantly dissent our Church. Eco-feminist, new-age, "change agents", & women priest-wannabees link to this site.Where is the Catechesis at this "Catholic College"? Is it in the Spring Hill Catholic College Theology Library? It is ironic that this quote would be made by Bishop David E. Foley--"At the university level, we talked about the importance of getting the professor to teach in unison with the bishop," he said.

What about the Archbishop that is responsible for this college within his archdiocese?

Yes --I so agree with Our Holy Father John Paul II--there is an "urgent need for a comprehensive catechesis" on the lay apostolate." One exception to this statement--we can no longer wait for our shepherds to expand committees to study the needs of a diocese...spend money...blah,blah,blah..."We"--the LAITY need to stand up and answer the call to serve OUR LORD, through the promptings, guidance, and gifts of the Holy Spirit-bestowed upon us in our Baptism and sealed at our Confirmation. Not later---NOW!Catholic laity must follow authoritative church teachings, pope saysCatholic News Service

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