Sunday, June 15, 2008

EU - Ireland & the Lisbon Treaty

They may all get it shoved upon them...
Irish leader under pressure to save treaty

"Brian Cowen is being urged to present a plan for reviving the treaty at the EU summit in Brussels this week, but he knows that if a second referendum were to result in failure it would bring down not only the treaty but his Government as well."

"EU leaders united over the weekend to insist that Mr Cowen had to show how the treaty could be saved, possibly with a rerun of the vote next year and extra guarantees for Ireland. Signs are emerging that some EU countries would consider forging ahead in a “two-speed Europe”, leaving Ireland and others behind."

Real People 1, Eurocrats 0
Irish voters have left Brian Cowen to face a hostile interrogation by his counterparts in Brussels this week

“The Irish people have spoken for the French people,” said Philippe de Villiers. “This vote signals a massive rejection of the anti-national and anti-democratic drift of the Europe of Brussels.

"Each time that people express themselves directly, their message is clear because they do not want a system that deprives them of sovereignty."

True believers could quit EU

The British are still lovers of liberty

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  1. Great post Catherine! There is only one "Plan B", and that will involve ignoring democracy if the EU nations decide to push this through!