Saturday, March 21, 2009

News Items on ND Scandal

Notre Dame Switchboard Overwhelmed,Grads Condemn Obama Decision

ND operators said the calls simply became too much to handle. Voice mails of the University President, Vice-President, Provost, assistant-provost and PR director were all full by 10pm EST. Operators were suggesting that callers try again on Monday when university officials would be back in their offices.

All the calls were expressing outrage. None supported the decision.

**Prophesied on June 11th, 2008 - Barack at Notre Dame? Our Lady strikes back!

Notre Dame criticized over Obama invite

Pro-Life Leader Calls on Notre Dame to Cancel Obama Commencement Address

From Cuomo to Holtz to Obama

Excitement building after Obama announced as Notre Dame commencement speaker ~ This is such a done one is going to cancel this one folks!
A glimmer of hope: Let us pray - there isn't enough money in local law enforcement budgets to support this event:

And that means overtime for additional officers.

"We're looking at every dime we're spending now, so anything over and above is going to be a bit of a hardship," said South Bend Police Department Captain Phil rent.

O Mary, conceived without sin,
pray for us who have recourse to Thee!!


  1. Just another nail in the coffin of the dissenters of Jesus Christ and His Church. I pray that the Lord will show Mr.Obama and the ND people who still reject the teachings of Christ their place in hell if they do not repent and turn to the Lord for mercy! Please pray for these souls for hell has no seating capacity.

  2. Notre Dame, how, in the name of Catholic sanity, can you honor Barack Hussein Obama, the most anti-Catholic president in American history?

    Let's get something straight here. Obama is as against Christ, an antichrist, as any political figure that I can recall historically. He shamelessly promotes the entirety of a culture of eternal death to the extreme of seeing nothing wrom with infanticide within or outside of the womb! Fifty million innocents and counting is not enough for Obama as he continues to put the accelerator to baby butchery at all levels from conception to post birth via his morally bankrupt policies and appointments - to heck with the common good!

    Catholic universities DON'T HONOR DISCIPLES OF THE DEVIL.

    Point of fact, Notre Dame, by honoring Obama, mocks her for whom she is named. More importantly, Notre Dame mocks her Son, Jesus Christ, True God and True Man!

    For shame, Notre Dame. You have chosen institutionally to go to hell!

    There is consolation in the knowledge that God's Mercy is meaningless without His Justice that awaits Notre Dame's leadership if they don't repent of their grave public sins with a firm purpose of amendment!

    Obama supports the entirety of a culture-of-ETERNAL-death that is anathema to Catholic moral teaching. Obama would not even support a born alive infants act when he was a state senator in Illinois. Obama is on record as seeing nothing wrong with promoting sexual perversion, a sin that cries out to Heaven for vengeance, per Sacred Scripture. He is a shameless pro-baby killing supporters of the evil that is Planned Parenthood to the extreme of partial birth infanticide. The list of Catholic teaching against the contraceptive mentality of the age that spawns the world's moral aberrations that Obama flouts is endless!

    As a Vietnam Era Navy veteran, I find what Obama is tried to do to wounded veterans to be unconscionable. But what action of Obama's hasn't been unconscionable since he started his complete and total destruction of America from within upon assuming office via his promotion of the entirety of a "culture-of-eternal-death?"

    The collapse of countries, moreover, civilizations, inevitably has, as a catalyst, the collapse of the moral order. We're seeing this first hand in the daily news. When a sense of right and wrong is lost via the moral relativism of liars who shamelessly tell us that they are "of faith" while slapping God Almighty in the face at every opportunity by flouting His Laws given to man for eternity's sake, tyranny rules under the dictatorship of despots.

    In the matter of Obama's promotion of embryonic stem cell research, it is a basic moral principle that one cannot benefit by the wrongdoing of others. Courts have long held that to allow government to benefit from a wrongful act provides an unhealthy incentive to persist in such acts.

    You cannot distance yourself from previous immoral acts that have resulted in the killing of embryonic human beings. The end does not justify the means. You do not kill people to save people.

    Such a view of human embryos flouts ethical principles contained in the Nuremberg Code and in the National Institutes of Health's Guidelines for the Conduct of Research Involving Human Subjects. Both clearly express the fundamental principle governing human experimentation that “no experiment should be conducted where there is an a priori reason to believe that death or disabling injury will occur.”

    The common good, which is supposed to be the primary goal of the state, is not served when embryonic human beings are arrogantly denied a right to life by former embryos! To consider this “good science” by ignoring the proven success record of non-embryonic stem cell research is a bastardization of science!

    A longstanding medical principle, “do no harm,” has been breached. We are no longer talking about a slippery slope. We have completely stumbled and are falling headfirst into a disastrous pit where the next expendable utility, as determined by the state, could very well be the reflection in our mirrors!

    It is tyrannical for Obama to advocate taking away the religious rights of doctors and health care providers who refuse to perform abortions.

    A country that puts aborting its citizens on the fast track is a country doomed to destruction. This is exactly the promise that Obama made to Planned Parenthood via his advocacy of FOCA!

    Civil disobedience is the order of the day when it comes to unjust laws that are counter to the Law of God in the moral order for the sake of the common good

    The Nation's nightmare began on Tuesday, January 20, 2009. Faith and right reason are married, not divorced. Accordingly, we are called to civil disobedience of all laws that contravene the Law of God in the moral order, that is to say, unjust laws. We are called to obey laws that, by definition, are obedient to the Law of God in the moral order, i.e., just laws, in particular, God's Natural Law that is understandable from reason without any faith connotations, which is a participation in His Eternal Law for the sake of the common good leading ultimately to a supernatural good in a Kingdom NOT OF THIS WORLD! Anyone capable of right reason can understand these seminal truths pertaining to the necessary promotion of the common good defining a good regime from the time of Aristotle's Politics. Good regimes understand that without people, i.e., without life, there are no other issues. This is common sense that has been lost in our intended march over the cliff like lemmings led by radical left Marxist Socialist New World Order Multicultural Globalists and their financiers who can't wait to fall into the abyss prepared for them by their master, and want, moreover, demand, as much company as possible! Their 'freedom' is not freedom at all but rather license that is a slavery of the highest order. Those who won't do their bidding are to be summarily relegated to the modern gulags which is the gospel of a purported 'free press' that is anything but, moreover, is the mouthpiece of the 'father-of-lies.'

    What's happened to you, Notre Dame? You cannot claim ignorance! You know what the invariant Magisterial teaching of the Catholic Church is on matters of faith and morals, i.e., dogma, and you reject same, preferring to secularize yourself to make you indistinguishable from the chaos of the world to the extreme of according error rights it has never deserved in giving forums to apostates who promote mortal sin!

    Instead of being a moral beacon for the world, you will be remembered for making yourself indistinguishable from same by reducing Notre Dame to being nothing more than a Catholic university in name only that couldn't care less about the final things, death, judgment, Heaven and hell! And if you don’t care about the ‘final things,’ you can’t be considered Catholic!

    Is it worth it, Notre Dame, to sell your soul for the accolades of the world?

    To whom much is given, much is expected. And you, Notre Dame, have failed miserably in that regard of late per your allowance of homosexual film festivals, The Vagina Monologues on your campus, repeatedly giving forums to apostates masquerading as Catholic, and now, honoring a man who uses Catholic frauds as useful idiots to further his morally bankrupt social engineering agenda that is tearing out the heart and soul of America!

    I care about the country being left to my children and grandchildren to grow up in, Notre Dame, if you don't! I want that to be a country fit to live in, a country recognizable to the founding fathers, not the living hell of a Marxist Socialist with a teleprompter run from the devil's den!

    For shame, Notre Dame. How you can allow a man who is the antithesis of Catholicism to receive an honor at your commencement is a sign that you've long since lost the faith!


    Gary L. Morella
    Catholic member of the research faculty
    Penn State University

  3. Shame, Sadness and Sorrow

    Deacon James J. Challender
    Diocese of Trenton

  4. Reading blogs like this sickens me to the core. I suppose that those of you who post here would consider yourselves Christian and pro-life. However, I fail to see how damning to hell those who have differing values as a life-affirming activity. Wasn't it Jesus himself who preached forgiveness? Shouldn't we unite in prayer to ask God to help Mr. Obama change his stance and to speak out about abortion? I think that would fall more into accordance with what we have been called to do as Christians.