Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Ford pledges to continue support for homosexual activism

AFA chairman Don Wildmon says his organization gave Ford the benefit of the doubt, based on the company's actions, that it had apparently decided to stop supporting homosexual causes and publications.

"We we're wrong," Wildmon admitted. "Ford simply, publicly reinforced the fact that they are still giving their support to the homosexual groups, which, incidentally, have as their top agenda item the legalization of marriage of two people of the same sex."


But last week Ford was listed as a sponsor for the Detroit Motor City Pride Festival. And Wildmon says AFA's conclusion to its supporters that Ford was silently trying to withdraw, was denied by a company spokesperson in a Detroit newspaper.

"They went public to the Detroit News and said, 'No,' they're still supporting the homosexual festivals, 'gay' pride festivals, and they're still supporting the homosexual publications," Wildmon said.

Wildmon says Ford had not advertised in key homosexual publications for three months. But spokesperson Kristen Kinley said the dropping of the GLAAD awards, and all the automaker's advertising and sponsorship decisions, are "strictly driven by business considerations," and not pressure from AFA -- according to the Detroit News.

AFA's chairman now says the group's supporters will continue their boycott against Ford, in light of its media statements last weekend.

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