Monday, March 12, 2007

The Hannity vs. Fr. Euteneuer Lesson Continues

According to Sean on his radio program this afternoon, he said that there are many priests that have offered great support in his favor and are embarrassed by Fr. Euteneuer's actions. And to make matters worse Fox News' 'news contributor/commentator' -Fr. Jonathan Morris, LC writes and 'Open Letter to Sean Hannity' shaming Fr. Euteneuer....
As I watched a fellow Catholic priest spar with you on the March 9 edition of
Hannity and Colmes, I hung my head in shame and sadness. My colleague in religion (whom I've never met) used the public airways and Internet to call you a heretic and hypocrite.

Come on now....this is what LENT is really about! Where the chaff is being separated from the wheat! Right before our very eyes and ears! Wow!

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