Thursday, March 15, 2007

A Letter to the Vatican from List of Dissenters

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(Please pray before reading ...disturbing info...Forum -Catholic lesbians-Sponsored by New Ways Ministry where I found the letter/information)
According to a list (huge-whew!) of dissenters-the feast of the Annunciation March 25th is the 14th Annual World Day of Prayer for Women’s Ordination...and their letter to Rome:

His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI
00120 Via del Pellegrino
Apostolic Palace

Your Holiness,
Every year on 25 March, the feast of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Catholics around the world organize events to bring attention to the fact that Catholic women are excluded from ordination. This year will be the 14th annual World Day of Prayer for Women’s Ordination, and we expect that there will be over 25 events around the world.

In honor of this day, we invite you to lead the way in presenting a fair and equitable model of how women should be treated in our world by taking the necessary steps to open all doors to women within the Roman Catholic Church, including admission to all ordained ministries. We also ask that you work to renew church structures in order to involve all members in governance. By acting justly within our own ranks, we, the body of Christ, can affect society.

On the same day that we celebrate Mary saying ‘yes’ to God, we are saying ‘yes’ to women’s leadership in the Church. Mary’s decision was conscious and deliberate, and it made her an active partner in bringing about the reign of God. By praying for women to be priests on this day, we embrace Mary’s spiritual power and her prophetic role in God’s plan of justice for the world.

Because Mary is a spiritual leader and some even call her a priest, on 25 March we will pray for women’s ordination to a renewed priestly ministry. We will also pray for the difference that women in church governance would make by addressing the issues of social justice that disproportionately affect women, such as domestic violence, sexual assault, sex trafficking, HIV/AIDS, genocide and more.

The exclusion of women and lay men from the full decision making and sacramental life of the Church is linked to these issues in that — while the impact has extremely different levels of intensity — the root cause is the same: male domination and sexism.

As this day of prayer approaches, we urge you to open the discussion on women’s ordination and the need for change in Church structures. To bring our beloved Church closer to the gospel values that Jesus modeled for us, we need all the gifts of the Holy Spirit, in women as well as in men, to be fully integrated into every aspect and ministry of the Church.

Thanking you for your time and consideration,

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Ireland

Call to Action, USA

Catholics for a Free Choice, USA

Catholics for a Free Choice, Canada

Catholic Network for Women’s Equality, Canada

Catholic Women’s Ordination,United Kingdom

CORPUS,USA - (on this from this letter/list)


Interreligious Conference of European Women Theologians,Germany

Femmes at Hommes en Eglise, France

Housetop, United Kingdom

National Coalition of American Nuns, USA

New Wine,Great Britain

New Ways Ministry, USA

Phoebe, Japan

Purple Stole Movement of We Are Church, Germany

Quixote Center, USA

Roman Catholic Womenpriests Europe-West, Germany, France, and Switzerland

Roman Catholic Womenpriests North America, USA and Canada

Save Our Sacraments, USA

Sisters Against Sexism, USA (Looked high-n-low...just articles & other links)

Southeastern Pennsylvania Women's Ordination Conference, USA

Women’s Ordination Conference, USA

Women's Alliance for Theology, Ethics and Ritual, USA

Most Reverend Pietro Sambi, Apostolic Nuncio to the United States

Most Reverend William S. Skylstad, President, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

Most Reverend David J. Malloy, General Secretariat, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

Maybe since New Ways got a 'No Way' from Archbishop Flynn...maybe we could alert each Bishop where each event is planned...? and send/forward the background info on to the Vatican? What if we divided the list and everyone took a part of the country/diocese they have planned an event? WE could do this! Come on...Look at this one:

West Coast:
SAN JOSE, CA: Contact: Victoria Rue, When: Wednesday, March 21, at 12:00 – 1:00 p.m, woman priest presiding! Where: San Jose State University in the Spartan Memorial Chapel What: Dr. Victoria Rue, Roman Catholic woman priest, will celebrate a feminist & inclusive Mass for the World Day of Prayer for Women's Ordination. ALL ARE WELCOME AT THE TABLE!

This whole thing makes me sick. Does it bother you that they bring scandal and harm against the BODY OF CHRIST, to do something about it in this season of Lent?

These groups will not take my joy nor will they take my charity! And they will NOT HARM HIS BODY! Pray that they will be stopped...all these groups. Please make a concerted effort to study the groups listed above. Look at their sponsors/links etc...they all prop each other up and are at times connected to 'big business'! Be a good steward with your gifts! Pray for discernment in all things!

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