Wednesday, March 14, 2007

UPDATE on 'New Ways Ministry' Event in MN

Twin Cities / No Mass at event about gay Catholics
Archbishop objects to speakers at weekend symposium in metro

Flynn prohibited symposium participants from celebrating Holy Eucharist, saying to do so might mislead Archdiocese members into believing the speakers' views had the church's sanction.

"Hopefully, that will at least minimize potential confusion and scandal," Flynn's letter concluded.


I think there was a Vatican intervention," DeBernardo said late Tuesday, saying he had yet to reach Bishop Leroy Matthiesen, of Amarillo, Texas, to get an explanation for his dropping out.

Hopefully? Please-the scandal continues! and I can only hope and pray that the Vatican DID intervene on this one!
New Ways Ministry - The Sixth National Symposium on Catholicism and Homosexuality

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