Thursday, May 24, 2007

Spiritual Warfare - Fr. Euteneuer before Pentecost

The Advocate vs. The Accuser

In a few months I will publish a book on exorcism and deliverance by which I hope to educate the Church Militant on the reality of spiritual evil and the truth of the Church’s power against it. On this weekend where our Church celebrates Pentecost, the great Feast of the Holy Spirit, I offer an excerpt from this upcoming book to highlight the influence of the Holy Spirit in defending our cause against the accusing spirit of the devil. If we are to fight for the salvation of souls, we must know our enemy and experience God’s love as the protective shield against all his evil.


As we celebrate the feast of Pentecost with our Church, let us make a profound act of faith in the Holy Spirit, that, no matter how evil our times may be, God will never abandon to the power of evil those who call upon Him. Let us call upon the Holy Spirit to protect us and our loved ones and to renew the face of the earth!

We will all need to learn these lessons. Thank you, Fr. Euteneuer, for your courage and wisdom and for sharing it with the warriors under your charge. And I too, pray that the HOLY SPIRIT will bless all of us with the gifts needed to assist GOD OUR FATHER in these battles.


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