Wednesday, May 23, 2007

VeriChip Expanding

PBC sergeant implanted with medical-information chip

Verichip and Wellington Regional since Monday have offered the implants for free to emergency services personnel and their families in tribute to Emergency Medical Services Week.

Why would they offer their implants in tribute? Does this make any sense?

After the news item on ABC's Good Morning America (read their forums)...and after the announcement of 'chipping' Alzheimer patients....VeriChip Is I.D.'d As A Winner &
VeriChip Shares Gain on Florida Program

Still 'moving through' the healthcare industry...Digital Angel Corporation and Verichip Corporation Form Joint Committee to Design and Develop Implantable Glucose-Sensing Microchip

VeriChip Adds 78 New Hospitals to Its Network at EDPMA Conference

The sick and elderly: first targets for chipping

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