Thursday, May 24, 2007

VeriChip - The Future

VeriChip: Ready for a breakout?

Yet to be approved by insurance companies as a covered procedure, the concept is still relatively new for use in people but based on the ongoing push by the company and its placement of chip readers in the hands of doctors, insurance company approval is strictly a matter of time.

And it will be a matter of time. Again, why would this company offer to implant for free the chip in the arm of a emergency personnel and their families?--"free to emergency services personnel and their families in tribute to Emergency Medical Services Week."
Why? How does this help them and their families?

Device holds key to medical history

That hasn't stopped VeriChip from pushing its product. Firefighters, police officers and emergency medical workers, and their families, can have the chip implanted for free and maintain the service for life through Wellington Regional. They must sign up by Friday at the hospital's emergency services area.

Tranchant lifted weights a few hours after his implant - working on his triceps, no less. He's hoping his initiative will inspire others in law enforcement and the fire service to do the same.

Again, what is the purpose?

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