Thursday, June 28, 2007

Amnesty: It's Just a Nice Thing to Do

Rush:"Of course it was so nice to give a woman a right to choose. Well, it was. It didn't sound nice to oppose abortion or to tamper with nature. But it did sound nice to give a woman the right to choose. Well, it's cost us 40 million births, 40 million needed workers since 1973. That's how many Americans have not been born. And guess what? How many illegals are here, and why do we need them? Because we're short bodies. We aborted them because it was so nice to give a woman a right to choose. Forty million contributors to Social Security snuffed out because we were nice. But that wasn't nice enough, it caused us to find these 40 million immigrants, legal and illegal, to fill the bill. Did anything ever sound that nice and end up that not nice? As we now suffer through the nice ideas on immigration and the nice results that we will not get, we can look forward to, gosh, it's so nice to save the planet from global warming. It's just nice. Why can't we just be nicer to people? Why can't we just get long? Why can't we just sit around and let the country be destroyed? At least we'll be nice in the process, and we will like ourselves. But our children or grandchildren will hate our guts."

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