Wednesday, June 27, 2007

More warnings on H. Potter

Author: 'Pottermania' spells trouble - Warns real occultism permeates popular children's books

Riitta Leinonen, noted witchcraft expert and owner of "Hexeria" affirms that the books have pushed the once-occult practice into the entertainment sphere. "The Harry Potter phenomenon shows that there are also positive, and not only malicious, forces in sorcery and that innocent magic can be a good thing," she said. "Witchcraft is benefiting from the Harry Potter effect."


But while children may be Potter's targets, they're not the only takers. One highly visible adult internet witchcraft school credits Rowling as a promoter of Wicca in a press release, stating, "Harry Potter has rekindled interest in beliefs that were already growing in the United Kingdom and United States for more than fifty years, and that belief is a faith called Wicca."

Need I say more?! Protect your children! and YOUR FAITH!

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