Wednesday, June 27, 2007

VeriChip- YOU thought the chip wasn't coming...think again!

Doctors back plan to store medical info under your skin

Doctors could soon be storing essential medical information under the skin of their patients, the American Medical Association says.


The association adopted a policy Monday stating that the devices can improve the "safety and efficiency of patient care" by helping to identify patients and enabling secure access to clinical information.


The association warned of "potential social consequences" such as using the devices for surveillance which could be an infringement on individual liberties.

It recommended that the devices not be implanted without the informed consent of patients and that doctors monitor their use.

VeriChip Corporation Announces American Medical Association Recommends Implantable RFID Devices to Improve the Safety and Efficiency of Patient Care

VeriChip anticipates that the AMA's recommendation will enhance the Company's marketing efforts by accelerating the adoption by hospitals of the VeriMed Patient Identification System and increasing the profile of the VeriChip among the medical community.

THEY'RE IN! GOD HELP US! Keep praying!

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