Monday, January 08, 2007

"Immigration Compromise"

Immigration debate gets religious

I totally disagree with Deal's signing of this "compromise" and am thankful that he and "Families First in Immigration" DO NOT officially represent me or my voice. Now, that sure looks like Deal was won over by Pres. Bush to get on board with his immigration policy!

I have strong issues with this 1. He/they are disregarding all those that have entered this country legally and 2. the fact that Deal has "sold-out" too.
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  1. I agree with you that those who worked so hard to come to the United States legally are going to get the short end of the stick if illegals are granted amnesty.

    I am horribly torn on the issues surrounding illegal immigration. I am having trouble balancing the human element with the need to protect U.S. sovereignty.

    I do agree that nothing can be done until the border is secured. That must come first. After that, I'm at a loss...what do you think should be done?