Friday, January 12, 2007

FDA Probing Embryo-Production Service

Hmmm...playing GOD! GOD HAVE MERCY!

But Ryan, who runs the business out of her home in an upscale area of San Antonio, says the embryos are not "made to order" based on a client's eye or hair color preference. She said she plans to create embryos of several ethnicities.

"There's been this big hoopla about, like, you have this big list and you check 'blue eyes,' 'brown eyes.' That doesn't happen. They're already created embryos," Ryan said.

Ryan said she started the center last summer but doesn't hope to profit from it - and hasn't so far. She said it costs her $22,000 to create a batch of embryos and said her waiting list includes 300 potential clients.

"People say well, 'Is this ethical to do what you do? Is it moral to do what you do?'" Ryan said. "Is it ethical or moral not to do it when I have the means and ability to do it? Knowing that I can, should I continue listening to women lament that can't have children?"

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