Monday, January 08, 2007

More Insults About the 'North American Conspiracy'

Uh-huh....Dallas-based food chain to accept Mexican pesos


The Plan to Replace the Dollar With the 'Amero'

The Case for the Amero:
The Economics and Politics of a North American Monetary Union

On the day the North American Monetary Union is created--perhaps on January 1, 2010--Canada, the United States, and Mexico will replace their national currencies with the amero.1 On that day, all American dollar notes and coins will be exchanged at the rate of one US dollar for one amero. Canadian and Mexican currencies will be exchanged at rates that leave unchanged their nations' competitiveness and wealth. In all three countries, the prices of goods and services, wages, assets, and liabilities will be simultaneously converted into ameros at the rates at which currency notes are exchanged.

Why was this date thrown out there do you think? What would the purpose be to mention a date, if it weren't a true possibility? "Perhaps"? Does this guy know something that we don't? This doesn't sound like a sounds like something is already in the works.

Hmmm, somethings up with this one!

The Case for the Amero: The Politics of Monetary Union

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