Saturday, January 13, 2007

Thank you Fr. John A. Hardon, S.J.!

Fr. helped me find the deep reason I 'blog'...Writing and the Spiritual Life.

The Charity of Sharing Our Souls.

Writing is a proved trainer of the tongue, to prevent us from failing in charity through speech.

But there is more to the practice of charity than merely avoiding failures against the virtue. Charity is, above all, sharing with another what I have, in order to enrich the person whom I love.

What is our dearest possession? It is the gifts of the spirit that the Holy Spirit has generously given to us. If I am to share these gifts of my soul with others, I must do several things:

Acquire as much grace as I can by reading, prayer and self-denial. From my record, I share — as occasion arises — with others what the goodness of the Lord has shared with me. It would be a good idea if we started keeping a written record of past experiences, interesting episodes, uplifting sentiments, whether our own or those received from others.

When God became man, He taught the people mainly through short stories — we call them parables. He wants us to follow His example. In practice, this means we should make a written memo of the parables in our own life, to share them with others and thus bring everyone we talk to closer to the Heart of Christ.

John A. Hardon, S. J.

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